The Essentially Dance Experience

Your dancer is a beautiful individual with his or her own unique qualities.  It is our mission to create the ideal environment where every young person in our care will build confidence and courage to become the best version of themselves. 


By the time they graduate in their late teens, our students have emotional grit; they are inspired and determined to succeed in any undertaking they aspire towards; approaching life with kindness to themselves and others, and being brave and adaptable to changes in their world.


Developing aspirational young adults who themselves are mentors to others is the most important work we can do in the dance studio and beyond.


How do we develop this?  Through a structured core program, dancers from age 3-18 years are guided by caring adults to focus on achieving small goals.  Each small goal will stretch them a tiny bit beyond their comfort zone.  For little ones this might be learning to balance on one leg and, in advanced levels, mastering your triple pirouette or aerial flips!


No matter the level, your peers, teachers and mentors will applaud your efforts, not just your achievements.  We never expect unattainable perfection.  In a space where you belong, are valued, accepted and encouraged, you will enjoy your personal journey  towards excellence. 


All students at Essentially Dance begin in a core program that aligns with their age and experience.  This builds progressively at various stages. 


Please read the descriptions for your level for more information: Click the links below. 

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