After only a term of Ballet, the environment you create has ignited such joy in Maddison’s life, she feels very comfortable joining in with everyone and being part of the group.

Congratulations on the wonderful culture you have created and the special bond that you have established with Maddie in such a short time.

M. Agar - parent

I wanted to say that I am so grateful that when I called you last year you were able take Charlotte on and seamlessly bring her into the ED family as you did. Because I know we would never have felt this level of inclusion and embrace from just any dance school.

K. Campara - parent

I was very nervous about changing schools. Everyone is really friendly and helpful, I made new friends straight away.  I LOVE IT!

Sophie - student

Our 4 year old Grace is usually shy. We were so thrilled when she bonded with her teacher straight away.  Miss Gemmila is so warm and friendly.  Hugs and encouragement have given Grace so much confidence!

Jacquie - parent

“Jess started as a 3 year old, and now 17, she assists the tinies of the next generation.  Her teachers have nurtured her through the teen years, and it has been such a joy for me to see her blossom into a confident, focused young lady”.  

Diane - parent

Essentially Dance is an amazing dance school! We’re like another family. From the day I joined, everyone was very welcoming. I felt comfortable straight away. I enjoy all of my classes and I love how the teachers are continually helping us achieve our best. It is such a positive and fun environment to be in.

D. Groom - student

— Denni

Essentially Dance is

an amazing dance school!