Essentially Dance

Children love to learn, we love to teach.  A perfect match.  Watch your child shine with delight as they twirl, skip and leap to the music.  Our caring teachers encourage and praise their every effort. As they grow, the respect between student and teacher becomes an anchor for a positive learning environment in later years.


Through dance our students grow into confident and resilient people.  We want to see young people succeed.  As they master new skills, they build self-belief.  Learning how to learn is a skill for life. 


Our experienced teachers love sharing their knowledge.  Teaching and learning are our passion.  We aspire to have our students develop excellent dance technique and understand the importance of the mind in achieving goals.  Through dance, our students learn how to remain focused and how to overcome obstacles.

Essentially Dance is a place our students see as their second home.  They love coming to class and bring an open mind ready to listen and learn from their teachers, peers and mentors.  Our goal is to help young people become happy, healthy, quality people, who will contribute in a positive way to the world around them.